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Edward Blakeman in Gramophone :  “Adeney does have some heroes, however, among them Thomas Beecham, Victor de Sabata, Serge Koussevitsky, and Benjamin Britten with whom he worked for many seasons at the Aldeburgh Festival.

Adeney’s own character appears to be a mixture of shyness and bravado, diffidence and passion, and it colours his attitude to the flute. When Sargent told him as a student, “you must identify yourself with the flute; be the flute”, Adeney was arrogantly dismissive, but that does seem to have been been his quest ever since, although he has sometimes had difficulties believing in it.”  more

Garry Humphreys on MusicWebInternational “In his teens, Adeney made a declaration of intent which is a touchstone for his future life and for the contents of this book. ‘First: That I would become the best flute-player in the world; Second: to have a huge amount of sex; Third: To make some sense of the mysterious and confusing world.’  ”  more
John Amis in Musical Opinion:  “There were two players in the LPO at that time who regularly were able to lift the orchestra up by its boot straps and lodge us in heaven, maybe for the rest of the evening. One was the first trumpeter, Malcolm Arnold, before he became known as a composer; the other was the first flute, Richard Adeney. They were both in their twenties, replacing older men who had gone off to fight. …” .  more or more
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“These memoirs of a long orchestral and chamber music career come up fresh as paint…Flute is hugely entertaining, revealing a rebellious, self-centred, restless soul.”
Andrew Green, Classical Music
“This book is about a complex yet entertaining man who finally feels liberated to write what he likes and does so in a manner that is fascinating, delightful, shocking, sometimes disturbing, but always amusing.”
Dr. Robert Bigio, Pan – The Flute Magazine

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